study Deep Learning HANDS ON: Notebook Lesson 5

21 Feb. 2019 18:00 - 20:00
Science and technology Deep Learning for Coders 2018 - meetup study group 2nd batch

After a fantastic 1st run through the new lessons we want to repeat the process more HANDS ON in a hackathon style session setup:

The focus is to get the notebooks running for ALL meetup attendees. There will be no presentations or summaries of Jermey's lessons. You will be fine if you watched through the respective session once before and bring your laptop.

Everyone with a year of coding experience, wish to help others and get help is welcome!

Ideally, you also consider taking the screen in one of the sessions to share your notebook with the group.

Pls RSVP only, if you want to come. We will try to accommodate as many participants as wish to join working through this fantastic MOOC.

This meetup is run in cooperation with AI Labs at The Hague tech, pls RSVP only in one of the groups.

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs

Join the Slack channel:

Check the Dates:

1. 10. January 18h: Lesson 7 1st batch

-------------- re-run: hands on --------------

2. 17.january[masked]h: hands on Pytorch tutorials

3. 24.january[masked]h: Lesson 1: hands on Cloud GPU setup & Notebook

4. 31. January[masked]h: Lesson 2: hands on Notebooks

5. 7. February[masked]h: Lesson 3: hands on Notebooks

6. 14. February[masked]h: Lesson 4: hands on Notebooks

7. 21. February[masked]h: Lesson 5: hands on Notebooks

8. 28. February[masked]h: Lesson 6: hands on Notebooks

9. 7. March[masked]h: Lesson 7: hands on Notebooks

10. 14.March[masked]h: …

11. 14.March[masked]h: … II start ...