Meet Your Spirit Guide

23 Jan. 2020 19:00 - 20:30
Health & wellness
Science and technology

Do you feel or sense that a spiritual or angelic presence is with you, but you question if its your mind playing tricks? Have you experienced or felt guided during a situation, but not sure who was guiding you?

These are common things that people say when they are questioning or unsure if they have a spirit guide surrounding them. Your spirit guides are always giving you nudges and signs to get you where you need to be in the moment. They are available to you every hour and any where.

Join us for this guided meditation where you meet your spirit guides, to develop trust and better understanding how you connect. Let this meditation bring forth messages that you are needing to hear at this time for your highest good.

No experience needed just an open mind.
*you will receive address when you confirm attending
FEE $15.00 CASH ONLY payment on arrival
Wear comfortable cloths
NO PERFUME or cell phones
Instructor: Linda Pisani, Certified Meditation Teacher and Psych Intuitive