Kayak Tour in National Park & Giethoorn | Coronaproof Private Tour for max 6 pax

Oct. 2021
Food and drinks

Enjoyment starts in the minivan on the way to the province Overijssel, home to picturesque Giethoorn and Weerribben Wieden National Park, when you leave the busy city behind you with your own private party (or family) of max 7 people. Watch the landscape of the province of Flevoland pass by, that is built on reclaimed land. Upon arrival at the nature reserve, the kayaks are ready. After getting comfortable, your tour guide leads the route (1.5 - 2 hrs) through the nature reserve. With over 24,000 acres, it’s the largest contiguous low peat bog area in North-West Europe. A labyrinth of ponds, lakes, ditches, mysterious-looking swamp forests, vast reed plots and flowery meadows; a nursing room for special plant and animal species. After the kayak trip, your guide drives you to Giethoorn (20 min), the 'Venice of Holland'. Enjoy a 1hr private boat ride through the village canals and watch the beautiful farmhouses pass be. Be amazed by the beauty of this village without roads.