The Tantric Arts of S@x, Energy, Power, & Intimacy DC Area

13 Feb. 2020 10:30 - 16 Feb. 2020 17:30
Health & wellness

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In this 4 day workshop, Lawrence Lanoff, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, and Shezza will be inviting you on an exploration of energy in your body. Get ready to peel off the layers to experience a new level of sensation and ecstasy, through your birthright of Sex, Pleasure, Power, and Intimacy. All through the lense of Tantra, and just how good you can feel in YOUR body.
It’s very very rare for Lawrence to do a Live event these days, so get it while you can. Many of you have been hearing about him for years, or you came to our workshops years ago when he was touring, either way, now is your chance to experience his one of a kind brilliance, your life will never be the same!

Tantra is a way of life. Within the mundane, struggle, chaos, and beauty of this human journey, we get to remember that love is always present. The meaning of life is to learn how to love In every moment no matter what we might be experiencing. Love begins and ends with ourselves as we discover the eternal, exalted One within. As we live from that place, our life becomes a blessing to others and the whole world.

The human body is regarded as a temple for the Divine, worthy of devotion, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination. The more we are able to love, accept, and truly embody our vehicle, the more delicious and empowered we become.

We hold a space where your feelings are 100% welcomed, because on the other side of all of your emotions is the bliss of your being where you can ride waves of energetic currents and possibilities. By FEELING all of your emotions, you are able to fully allow life-force energy to flow through your entire body and expand your capacity for greater pleasure.

Here is a secret...
“The opposite of pleasure is even MORE pleasure”

As you peel your layers and reveal the tender heart inside, you expose and share that which seems most unacceptable. Here, you find yourself met with eyes of love, respect and understanding. This program aims to awaken our infinite, unexpressed potential. Come as you are - leave all you can be.

Plan to go deep and be vulnerable in authentic relating exercises, discovering how to be present for ourselves and others. As we truly embody the art of Self Love, we can compassionately help others to unconditionally love themselves.

Be ready to discover a clear path for tapping into your natural abilities for creating the life you desire where all of you is celebrated. We will be using our sexual energy to claim and allow these desires to come alive in the world (sex magic). Come share YOU and allow the community to help amplify your truth!

Sexual energy is a profound whole-body healer and can bring forth delicious feelings of bliss and ecstasy from endorphin release. We will explore underlying principles and approaches to playing with sexual energy, energetically.

We will be deeply exploring our own sensual and sexual energy. All activities and exercises will be guided and are optional. You can participate solo, with a partner and in small groups. All participants are asked to practice with each other, or by oneself, in whatever manner supports you best. Many options will be offered to support each individual experience.

All 4 days with 4 fabulous teachers filled with vast experience for only $497 early bird price!! $597
Plus a special pre Valentines date night (and another special evening practice to deepen your pleasure)
We have the option to buy healthy lunch for $20 a day (breakfast and dinner are on your own)
There are many Airbnb’s in the local area

Limited space, only 30 tickets will be sold
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This rare collaboration will Sell Out!
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