Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j - Herndon, VA

08 Nov. 2019 09:00 - 17:00
Science and technology

Data Modeling

Duration:  8-hours/1 day

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Description

This course teaches how to design and implement a graph data model and associated queries. With a mixture of instruction and hands-on practice sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the property graph model to solve common modeling problems. You’ll also learn how to evolve an existing graph in a controlled manner to support new or changed requirements. 

Skills taught:

  • An understanding of the labeled property graph
  • How to apply the property graph to common modeling problems
  • Common graph structures for modeling complex, connected scenarios
  • Criteria for choosing between different modeling options
  • How to modify an existing model to accommodate new requirements



  • You will need some familiarity with Neo4j, and the Cypher language in particular. The material from the Intro to Neo4j course is sufficient knowledge to understand this course


Course Outline

  • Quick review of the property graph model
  • Graph based Modeling strategy & techniques
  • Advanced Queries with Cypher
  • Real-world implementation use cases with Neo4j


Technical requirements

*You will need your own laptop.*  Please arrive early to quickly install the product and labs used in the class.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For any questions about the event, e-mail