Agile for Social Impact Services

11 Sep. 2019 10:00 - 12 Sep. 2019 16:00
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Science and technology

Join us for 2 days where together, we will show you how to deliver your change, coach your teams and work in new and exciting ways that give you the outcomes you aspire to better, faster and sustainable.

Delivering and managing change in social impact and people-focused services such as Government and NGO's is difficult. Services are complex and often provide support to some of the most vulnerable people in society. The old ‘Waterfall’ ways of working simply do not deliver results anymore.

We have translated approaches and methods from the world of software development and technology and applied them to delivering meaningful, practical change in the most complex of environments.

These approaches championed by companies like Google, Spotify, Netflix and more now have been adapted to benefit organisations like Government, Municipalities and NGO’s.

We have tried, tested and improved these approaches that do deliver, we want to teach everyone how to use them,

We’ve developed this course because we genuinely believe that taking an Agile approach to delivery in the people focused services leads to much better results, more social value, and crucially improved outcomes for citizens.

What you will learn

The Agile for Impact course is an immersive training programme, held over 2 days, which blends theory and practical exercises to develop a thorough working knowledge of Agile and how it can be used to deliver complex change projects within your sector.

At this point, we’d usually set out what people learn on each day of the programme, but we run the training itself as an Agile project!

Delegates take on the different roles within an Agile project and they choose what to work through and when (just like an Agile team – this will make sense when you do the training).

Our experience is that this really helps to embed learning.

  • You will learn and be able to immediately apply,

  • How you can use Agile approaches and methods to deliver better outcomes in projects of any type and size.

  • How to tackle big, complex problems head-on and fast

  • How services can implement the practical concept of design and prototypes into even the most complex of services to rapidly, yet safely, improve.

  • How to better create and manage contracts so that collaboration is at its core.

  • How to be effective coaches for each other to create communities of self organised learning and practice.

What people say about this training

“Agile has helped us deliver fantastic quality projects at real pace. We have multiple simultaneous projects running at the same time, as well as a need to achieve our usual day to day business with energy and speed, and Agile helps us deliver both. More importantly, it creates a real excitement and energy that inspires teams to want to get involved in delivering change”.

Louise Duffield, Head of Business Support & Acting Head of Customer Services, Waltham Forest, UK

"The team are feeling extremely energised after the Agile Master in Public Services training, delivered by Basis. We are now in the process of identifying some projects that we’d like to run using the new Agile approach so that we can embed it within overall programme delivery. The reaction to Agile has been so positive that we have launched “The Agile Factory” which is a weekly forum where all training cohorts can come together and discuss their experiences of bringing Agile to life in Haringey”.

Andrew Rostom, Head of Corporate Programmes and PMO, Haringey, UK

Is the course accredited?

Absolutely. The course is accredited by the Public Service Transformation Academy (PSTA). Participants are required to take a short test following the course in order to qualify for the accreditation.

Faculty leads

Matt Barnaby: loves what he does. He uses Design Thinking, Agile and Adaptive Leadership to help improve Public Services. The idea is that if he helps to improve those services then someone, somewhere has a shot at a better life.

Matt has over 20 years’ experience in working in Public Services. Some of that time was in Children’s Services, Education and Youth Work. The rest of the time has been delivering transformational change projects in the public sector, financial services, rail and retail. He’s been around the block!

His energy, passion, and expert facilitation techniques allow him to support sustainable change in the most difficult situations.

Matt is also a certified and practicing Agile ScrumMaster.

Dennis Vergne: Developed through his experience, research, programme design and delivery, Dennis is a recognised organisational change expert. Dennis has a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks, turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours.

He holds an MSc in this field (From Oxford with distinction) and belongs to an international network of reflective change practitioners –

Although he is originally from Holland, since 2004, most of his work has been within the British public sector. His experience also includes (before 2002) strategy and change work for a rather diverse (read: odd) variety of clients such as Belgium Government, Norsk Hydro, Motorola, Novartis and Lloyds TSB. His very first (proper job) was with The Hague Council as a youth worker.

Dennis is a certified and practicing Agile ScrumMaster.

NB. Course location is subject to change but will be a central Den Haag venue.