Sale! Gourmet & Fusion Dessert Tour™ $59.99

20 May. 2019 11:00 - 14:00
Food and drinks

The Gourmet and Fusion Dessert Tour presents only the cream of the crop—with tastings of the city’s finest hot chocolate, desserts, and pastries—offering an overall mouth-watering, tantalizing experience in the authentic and exotic culinary world!

While you’re probably used to comforting yourself with typical sweets like cookies, doughnut or cakes, in this tour, you will experience the best of both classic and ethnic culinary foods. So what this means is that you are going to have, for example, not only the best and richest cup of classic hot chocolate, but also chocolate bonbons with exotic fillings! Dessert samples such as these will surely be exciting and delightful not only for your soul but for your taste buds.

On top of the dessert tastings, you will also visit both world-class and local favorite dessert stops while learning about New York City’s historic neighborhoods, including East Village, Flatiron District, and Union Square - where holiday market and the largest farmer market in Manhattan are located.

Your food-tasting journey includes sweet tastings of the following:

  • The City’s Best and Richest Hot Chocolate (served either hot or cold)
  • Popular Chocolate Bonbons (from a world famous chocolate factory/café)
  • Doughnut (made fresh in house on demand, likely the best and finest doughnut shop in NYC, with exotic flavors including passion fruit and Dulce de Leche) 
  • Italian Cannoli (from one of the oldest and best italian pasticceria in NYC)
  • Crepe Layer Cake (20 layers of thin French crepe stacked together, fresh vanilla cream filled in between, and caramelized sugar covered on top)
  • Chocolate/Cinnamon Babka or Rugelach (named the best babka from New York Magazine)

Want to have a unique and lip-smacking experience of world culture sweets? Hurry and join us today on the Gourmet and Fusion Dessert Tour! At least six tastings are included in your ticket price of $59.99!

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Tour Information

Terms and Conditions: Must Read! By submitting this order, you affirm that you understand and agree to New York Food Tours'sTerms and Conditions and Waiver and Release of Liability.
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
Weather: Takes place rain or shine.

Some are taste on the go and some are seated. There should be plenty of food to eat. Note: food tastings are subject to change without notice.

12 persons per tour.
Minimum Requirement:
4 persons
Gratuity: It is standard to give a 15% tip in New York City especially if you enjoyed the tour.