How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer (Online Only)

15 May. 2019 17:00 - 20:00
Science and technology
Business & Career

The number of opportunities for software engineers is booming but to get a mid-level position and above requires a special kind of preparation.
In this interactive workshop led by Codesmith CEO and Frontend Masters teacher, Will Sentance, we cover the five key skills that you must have in order to succeed in the job search including how to effectively whiteboard through the tough coding interviews.
We will cover - <br/>
- The 5 key things you need to know to get hired as a mid-level software engineer<br/>
- How to whiteboard through the typical coding challenges that make up 50% of most technical interviews
The session will help you:​<br/>
- Identify your career and role priorities - for example, are you most interested in a career as a backend or frontend developer, within an established corporation or a new start-up?​<br/>
- Understand and prepare the five key skills that you must have in order to succeed in the job search for software engineering positions<br/>
- Understand how to approach the job search so you find the job that is best suited to your skills and aspirations.​<br/>
- Whiteboarding - working through coding problems on a whiteboard is a crucial part of most interviews. You'll see how to effectively whiteboard and work through problems live in pairs
Price: Always free!
Online Info: Please join us for the online stream of the workshop here -
Experience Level:
All experience levels welcome. We recommend getting started on our free JavaScript learning platform CSX and working on the Precourse unit before the workshop.
We offer free JavaScript workshops several times a week! <br/><br/>
Typically our weekly schedule is: <br/>
- Tuesdays: JavaScript The Easier Parts (In-person & Online)<br/>
- Wednesdays: Build A Web App (In-person & Online) & JavaScript The Hard Parts (Online Only)<br/>
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