Bystander Intervention in the Workplace Training

15 May. 2019 18:00 - 21:00
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Join The Architecture Lobby and ArchiteXX for a 2-hour training on bystander intervention in the workplace, followed by an hour of discussion. Bystander intervention is by no means the solution to ending workplace harassment -- and does not address the root causes of harassment -- but gives us a stronger voice to speak out when harassment does occur. And we know it happens in the office, during reviews, during site visits. The idea is that part of building solidarity is strengthening our ability to respond. 

The training will be given by Hollaback!, a global, people-powered moveemnt to end harassment. Hollaback!'s mission is to build safe, inclusive public spaces by transforming the culture that perpetuates discrimination and violence, and they carry out this mission by building the power of people to create long-lasting impacts in the movement for social justice. More information here:

Please RSVP as space for the training is limited.  


Following the allegations against Richard Meier published in The New York Times, The Architecture Lobby published a statement on #MeToo in architecture on March 22, 2018. Read it here:

The Lobby took proactive action by launching the Solidarity Bloc, a network of individuals, firms, and organizations who stand in solidarity to end the silence and complicity that enables structural, systemic conditions of abuse in workplaces. The Bloc is a non-institutional group meant for community support and discussion. The term ‘Bloc’ relates to the space of a community, in ways that can be abstract as well as physical. Take a look at the Bloc here: