Feed Your Mind, Body, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

20 May. 2019 19:00 - 21:00
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Join Walking in Other People’s Shoes for an evening to enhance your entrepreneurial spirit. During this immersive self-development experience, enjoy a sensational meal and wine pairing created exclusively for us by executive chef, Vanessa Ceballos, of Firefly Petite Cafe Bistro in Sunnyside, Queens.

At this intimate event, we’ll start the evening with an empowering mindfulness exercise to root you in your purpose and energize your entrepreneurial spirit, led by our Wellness Advisor, Julia Baum, LMHC. From there, enjoy the pleasures of a finely prepared three-course meal as we take a deep-dive into the ins and outs of developing a thriving career built on passion and creativity.

Our discussion will start with a structured interview with Vanessa about how she carved her path as owner and executive chef of Firefly, and will lead into a group conversation to facilitate learning and growth for all of our guests. Learn to start or develop your business. Explore the challenges and rewards of leading a purpose-driven life and build your support network.

This is an excellent opportunity to develop meaningful connections with like-minded and inspired women in your community and support each other.




Julia Baum is a licensed psychotherapist who helps creative entrepreneurs overcome productivity blocks, procrastination, and work/life imbalance. She uses evidence-based therapeutic practices, ancient philosophy, mindfulness, and understanding from her own background in the arts to help her clients reach their full potential. She holds a MSEd in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Julia works in private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.
Social media link: IG: @yestherapy, FB: @juliabaumtherapy Twitter: @juliabaum Website: Juliabaum.com

Firefly's Executive Chef, Vanessa Ceballos, began exploring her passion for food in 2008 by being accepted to and excelling at the gastronomy institute Centro de Capacitación de Alta Cocina in Caracas, Venezuela. She immediately began working as a sous chef at 360°, a well-known and trendy restaurant in Caracas. Her passion was bringing delicious and innovative dishes to the public and infusing them with the best flavors available. This exposure sparked her desire to explore the food industry. Vanessa is also a motivational and inspirational speaker through her social media who shares her experiences and gives personal and business advice for people who is always pursuing their dreams to be their own boss and working hard to make things happen in a successful way.

Walking In Other People’s Shoes
What we do:
We empower a wide range of women by featuring the stories of women of color. These stories are shared on our blog, through collaborative events, and cultural lunches.

Why we do it:
Storytelling helps to build empathy and connections. These stories are all personal experiences shared with us to show that we are not alone. There are many people who may not be in your same shoes, but they might be walking a very similar route.

How we do it:
Sharing one's experiences can often be cathartic. We provide a program to allow women to process their journeys and express themselves through writing and by giving power to their voices.