16 May. 2019 18:45 - 20:45
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Welcome, we are growing and expanding our business in the local and national markets. We need real estate investors who will also assist us to expand our business. We are looking for professional people who have strong, work ethics. It is not essential that you have investor experience; we will work with new and seasoned, real estate investors. At our two-hour orientation, you will learn about our 6 Streams of Income. If attending, you should take notes; paper, pencil or pen, or electronic notepads should suffice. Relax and listen to the reasons why real estate investing can benefit everyone.

Some of us pay property owners to rent apartments. Some of us pay banks and real estate agencies mortgages so that we can eventually own our own homes. Would you rather pay a bank, a property owner or real estate agency to live in an apartment, or to eventually own your own home? Would you like to be in control of your retirement income? Smart investors have accomplished those things, and we will show you how they did it.

We also need leaders to help us expand and grow our business. Are you a leader who can create teams? Would you like to open your own office where you would train other people?

At our two hours, real estate, investing orientation, we will show you why opportunities have slipped past 99% of investing orientation attendees. We will show you what we are doing with real estate investments today! We will

Show you a plan that has assisted students in our community to earn net worths of more than a million dollars in controlled assets

Show you a working, business model that you can operate from your home office instead of commuting to work

Show you ways to make money, and instruct you on how to become wealthy using a variety of strategies



In Real Estate Investing, we are looking for individuals who want to learn about being investors; and who want to build wealth through investments in Real Estate. We invest locally. We invest nationwide. Our investment associates earn $5,000-$100,000 per real estate transaction. (Income depends on the real estate transaction type.) You do not need a real estate license or real estate experience; however, if you already have a real estate license or real estate experience, you will have an advantage. Whether having a real estate license and/or real estate experience or lacking a license or experience, we will show you how to become a real estate investor. We will show you where to invest. We will show you our methods for making money. In our real estate investor, training programs, we work with everyone. We are here to assist you to build your own, real estate, investment portfolio.

You may prefer Sales/Marketing if you enjoy traveling, meeting people, and attending our wealth-building workshops and real estate seminars. Sales/Marketing will allow you to network and will provide the opportunities to assist other people who have a real estate investing interests. You can do most of your work at home! You can instruct people who have a real estate investing interests that they can begin with home-based businesses! Upon certification, our trained sales agents will earn additional income when they enroll new, real estate investing, training associates. (Payments are eight times per month on Tuesdays and Fridays.) You will control our home-based business if you are willing to network and provide customer service to the people you enroll. That is it!

We create successful, real estate investors. We have the results to prove that our system works. You must be willing to receive instructions. You must be hard-working. You must be dedicated. Having passion about the REAL ESTATE field is the most important qualification. We are very selective concerning our students; timing is everything. Now is the time to make your move towards building wealth.

By registering for a real estate seminar, you can learn the methods that will instruct you to build large, passive income. We have local offices, and we work with our associates to ensure that they are successful.



IMP: After you register, you will receive an email message or phone call to confirm your reservation. (This is to verify your identity.) After confirmation, we will send you our office address along with the orientation address. If you need immediate assistance, please click on the above, contact link.

Using your money, or without using your money, you can learn different, financing strategies with Self-Directed IRAs, HSAs, Private Funding, Hard Money Lenders, Short Sales, Foreclosures & REOs, Fix & Flips, Rehabbing, Tax Liens, Wholesaling, Buy & Hold, Rent or Lease Options, No Money, No Credit Acquisition, Subject to Investing, Multi-Units or Apartment Complexes, Seller-Financed Notes, Commercial Investments, and much more!

Real Estate & Marketing Training is accessible 24/7.

You do not need any muscle or experience!

Get motivated! Get Educated! Get Compensated!