Vierde vrijdag! Society 3.0 / 3D Presenting / Privacy / Talks & Business & Tech

22 Mar. 2019 16:30 - 20:00
Science and technology
Business & Career

An evening dedicated to business & tech: Vierde vrijdag is the monthly meetup where people share knowledge and experience using talks & workshops c.q. a good place to meet&learn.

Every fourth Friday of the month. Tell something about your month, growth, fuckups, best new connections, the book you read recently, insights..


★ Introduction & 2 minute announcements (all)
Have something to share, ask or announce to the community? Do it now! You have two minutes to share what you want to share.

★ Presenting within a 3D environment (beginner)
While developing Xplane I want to get as much input and feedback as possible on my idea and the current webapplication. With Xplane everyone can create presentations that stick. Xplane enables you to quickly and easily create 3D presentations. In the first version, you simple drag and drop your PowerPoint file and select a template.

★ Society 3.0 - Overvloed dankzij technologie (beginner)
Langzaam maar zeker schuiven we in onze maatschappij van waarden die we in geld uitdrukken naar overvloed. Neem bijvoorbeeld Wikipedia of het Vierdevrijdag event in gedachten. Maar kan het ook met zelfrijdende auto's voor transport en 3D printers voor het bouwen van woningen. We nemen je mee op ontdekkingstocht.

★ Privacy 102 - What actually happens when you visit a site (beginner)
Two months ago we learned about best privacy practices at the Privacy 101 session by Bobby. This time we continue with an interactive session on how internet infrastructure actually works. What kind of information does your browser send? What are cookies anyway? Are the messages you send to others via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter actually private, or more public that you would like? This session is for regular internet users that would like to learn a bit more on how things online work - At the end of this session you'll be more informed.

★ Blockchain Monthly Update (intermediate)
Join us for an interactive session on the developments in blockchain & crypto space last month. Everyone can bring its list with news, developments, updates on new projects of this month. End result is "The state of blockchain, November 2018". Join if you like to know more about blockchain developments in general.