4x Meet Up - Multiple Target - Movement with Reloads 2 min straight Runs $30

23 Jan. 2020 18:00 - 19:00
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This event is for those who want to advance, test and build their skills towards better firearms management and control in a safe environment. You will be engaged with your targets for 2 minutes straight. Seems short, till your in it. During the 2 minutes, you will have to deal with any misfires, jams, mag drops and judgement calls while engaging your targets. At least 2 magazines will be needed (recommend 3) as the course calls for 34 shots minimum to be highly effective.

Rules of engagement will be explained before the event starts. All members attending will need to sign a waiver and attend a safety brief. This can be done anytime before the event and should take no longer that 15 mins tops.

Items needed:
1. 9mm to 45 cal. Pistol (in case or holstered)

2. 150 Rounds - 3 Magazines (2 min)

3. Eye and Ear Protection ( can be rented - $5.30)

4. Holster (if no holster - shoot from low ready)

5. Appropriate clothing for range time.

Please please, if you sign up for the event. Make sure to ask about the waiver and safety brief before coming to the event. Those who do not have these 2 items done will be required to do them before entering the range. Come early or do it anyway before the event from 9am to 8pm. Monday - Friday -/Weekends 9am to 6pm.

I will only send the practice video to members who have paid for the event in full. $30. - must have min 4 members attend to make the event happen. The video will be sent out the night before.

After a full 2 months - all courses will be put online for members to view at anytime.

Anything you need can be purchased the day of the event at full price. Requesting items before the event deadline will secure you a 10% discount.