Do you love the Beatles? Do you love singing their leads or vocal harmonies? Do you love playing the instrumental parts? If you do, join us at The Beatles Sing Along Saturday, February 15th, 7 - 9:30 pm in downtown Leesburg, VA. All you need is love for Beatles music. All levels of musicianship are welcome, just make sure you bring that Beatles spirit and are ready to sing and play your heart out. We gather in a circle and each member in turn selects a song for the group to sing. To make it easy to join in, Lawrence Brand, along with other musicians, leads the singing. Songbooks are provided. Other instruments are welcome. Plenty of free parking is available. Please RSVP so we have seating for everyone. It’s Free.

We begin the evening by singing one of the Beatles' complete albums. We follow that by individually picking songs we want the group to sing. The album schedule is:

February: Revolver
March: Sgt. Pepper

We have so much FUN enjoying the music of the most prolific musical group of all time! I hope you’ll join us! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!! Cheers!

RSVPs are appreciated.